Leadership Development

As students graduate, the need for leadership and service experience is the greatest it has ever been.  When applying for a job or graduate programs, extracurricular activities that promote leadership, teamwork and service are becoming the norm.  In 2006, Theta Xi committed itself to become the premier leadership development fraternity in the United States and has initiated a wide range of programs to cultivate and improve the ability of men to lead themselves and their chapters, and their communities.

Theta Xi provides regular leadership development programs on a chapter, district, and national level including those shown below.

  • Presidents Academy - Presidents Academy is an annual gathering of undergraduate presidents from each Theta Xi chapter and colony.  The program features a full weekend of leadership and educational programming designed to enhance the personal development of the student and to provide him with tools to strengthen his chapter’s operations.  The curriculum includes sessions on time and risk management, teambuilding, intervention, personal growth and goal-setting.

  • Rising Stars Academy - The Rising Stars Academy is held at a resort in rural Missouri in mid-January and provides attendees the opportunity to assess and develop their leadership styles and skills in an interactive and experiential setting.  This program is for newly initiated brothers who desire to become future chapter leaders.  Along with new members from across the country, they gather ideas they can take back to strengthen their chapters in recruitment, membership education and overall operations.  In addition, their team building skills are enhanced by accomplishing tasks presented on an exciting outdoor leadership challenge course.  Theta Xi Foundation pays all on-site costs for the first attendee; additional attendees are encouraged to come at the expense of the chapter/colony or Alumni Association.

  • Newell District Leadership Academy - The Newell District Leadership Academy is held each spring and is open to all brothers and Associate Members.  The NDLA is hosted by a chapter, with Academy sessions being held on the campus of the host institution.  The focus of the Newell District Leadership Academy is development of leadership skills, communication skills, and core values of the Fraternity.  The Newell District Leadership Academy also provides a chance to meet brothers from other chapters expanding their view of the Fraternity as an organization National in scope, not just a single chapter.


Colonies and chapters also receive Leadership Consultant Visits to help them strengthen their chapter operations and programs.  Theta Xi Fraternity employs a dedicated staff of professional consultants who travel to chapters and colonies on a regular basis to provide material support and specialized advice to improve operations and raise the standard of excellence for each brother.  These men, who are recent college graduates, are chosen from the strongest chapters around the country for their leadership experience and ability to teach men how to succeed.